Swift Experiments


Swift Experiments: Workshops at Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project, Inc.

Information For Directors

Swiftly Tilting Theatre Project, Inc. is currently accepting applications from directors interested in doing a workshop production at Swiftly Tilting Theatre. Directors will choose their own plays. Please carefully read all of the information below before submitting, even if you have submitted a play before:

  • To be considered, plays should have 2-6 actors; if there are more roles, please be prepared to explain how you will double-cast to keep the total actors to six.
  • Plays should not require music, sound or lighting effects.
  • Please limit your number of submissions to 1 play per director.  (One acts will be considered from SEPARATE directors–they do not have to submit together)
  • In addition to filling out and submitting the form below, please e-mail a sample of at least five pages of the proposed script to swiftlytiltingtheatre@gmail.com.

Please note that preference will be given to new works and works unlikely to be produced as Swiftly Tilting mainstage productions, but all applications will be considered. The Program Director encourages directors to consider works of playwrights from communities under-represented in the theatrical canon. You will receive a confirmation from the Program Director, who may request additional information in order to evaluate your proposal.

Plays will be presented as workshops, with minimal blocking, costumes, sound or lighting beyond what is available in the rental space. Swiftly Tilting Theatre will provide space for 1 night of auditions, 1 dress rehearsal and 1 – 2 performance(s). Directors are encouraged to hold auditions, although invited casts are permitted. Space for additional rehearsals will be up to the individual directors. The Program Director will help with publicity and staffing of roles such as stage manager and box office staff, as needed.
2016 Schedule

Open for Submissions:  Jul. 1st
Applications Due: Aug. 1st
Interviews: Aug. 2nd – 15th
Selection Completed: Sep. 14th
Audition Announcement: Oct. 3rd
Auditions Week: Nov. 1st
Dress Rehearsal / Performance:  December 2016

Applications for the next round of proposals are due by 5pm on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

If you have any trouble with this form, or any questions, please email swiftlytiltingtheatre@gmail.com.

Email Address:
Play Title:
Year of Publication:
Publisher (if applicable):
# of Male Characters:
# of Female Characters:
# of Unspecified/ Other Characters:
# of Actors:
Would you plan to hold auditions? Yes
Have you directed before? Yes, many times
Yes, once or twice
Play Synopsis (250 characters or less)
Why do you want to direct this play? (250 characters or less)
Why do you think Swiftly Tilting Theatre should do this play? (250 characters or less)
What do you foresee being the biggest challenges with producing this play as a workshop production? (250 characters or less)
Where did you hear about this program?


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